Helix-Helix Interactions in Proteins:

Tools for interface analysis of interacting helices and a database of membrane proteins

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HIT: Helix Interaction Tool
  • Structure-coordinate  files in PDB format can be uploaded
    (Upload format: pdb files and name convention: filename.pdb)
  • Secondary structure assignment is performed and helical interactions are calculated
  • Interacting helices, residues at the interaction surface and surface properties are displayed
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Membrane protein interactions database
Gallery of helix-containing membrane proteins

 Enter DB Access database of helical interactions in membrane proteins

Helix-Helix interactions have been clustered in three subgroups:

  1. Pairs of identified transmembrane helices
  2. A transmembrane helix and a non transmembrane helix
    (example:helical loops or helices of the soluble part of the entire protein)
  3. Pairs of non transmembrane helices

The original dataset of membrane proteins is based on the membrane protein listing 
curated by S. White.

Created by Ursula Lehnert
Yale University
Last modified by A. Counterman, 11/2005
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